Alex Allwood

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Alex is loved by both colleagues and families alike. He goes the extra mile and beyond for everyone. He is always visible and available to families and makes communication with them a top priority. His outstanding communication skills ensure parents feel fully informed, supported and included in their baby’s care and cared for themselves.

Alex is an excellent clinician, makes sound decisions and ensures the whole team is heard and understands the thought process and plan.

He is always willing to teach. His formal and informal sessions are always clear, comprehensive and memorable, with trainees always taking away the important points and their clinical relevance. I have particularly benefited from his communication skills teaching, he regularly shares tips and gives insightful constructive individual feed back.

Alex’s pastoral support is second to none. He always has an open door and delivers unwavering support. He is astute and knows just what to say to a colleague in distress. He genuinely cares about his trainees and makes the unit feel like a family.

Alex is an invaluable member of the NICU MDT. He truly values parents as partners in care, considering their thoughts, feelings and opinions. He equally values those of the nursing staff, ensuring that all team members feel listened to during ward rounds. Alex supports his junior colleagues to see more than just the patient and to consider the care of the family as a whole. His emphasis on remembering names ensures that both parents and colleagues feel respected and empowers a trusting relationship which is key in the delivery of outstanding care.

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