Katy Huxstep

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“When Katy joined the team at RCHT, it was clear from the beginning that she would add a lot to the team.
She added more than “”””a lot””””. Katy has been everything the team needed.. She has been a consultant as per her job description plus being a teacher and an educator, a leader by nature, a friend to everyone on every level and someone who would give you confidence all the way.
She is brilliant in looking for ways to improve the team-work and the team spirit.
You have a new idea.. “”””go to Katy
You have a problem.. “”””you can go to Katy!
You need advice.. “”””Well, ask Katy!

A great clinician who comes above her SPIN in cardiology to cover all aspects of the paediatric field but still modest and realistic enough to say “”””I don’t know”””” when she doesn’t and listens to the most junior member of the team and acknowledge their opinion.

I have been glad to have you as my consultant, Katy.
I have had the pleasure of working with Katy within her cardiac clinics. She has been an inspirational leader, pulling together members of the multi-disciplinary team in order to deliver the best care to her patients. She has orchestrated training opportunities for medical and non-medical staff. She is a role model within her field and with such infectious enthusiasm the service is moving forward to benefit the children and their patients for years to come.

Katy is a wholesome consultant. She comes packaged in leadership, intelligence, amicability, dedication to her work and exemplary care to her patients. She takes time to interact with all junior doctors both on a personal level as well as a professional level. There is always something to learn with Katy!

She took over a difficult first Consultant job as a PEC and did an amazing job being there for patients and families and a great link with the Tertiary Centre (Bristol)”

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