Emily O’Connor

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Emily is a SHO within the Paediatric team at Torbay. I have worked with Emily several times when she has come down to the Emergency Department with the Paeds team. Emily is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and generally a warm person. She treats all members of the team with respect and listens. After leaving Paeds ED, a child she had reviewed told me that she (Emily) made me feel better by talking to me and said I could go home. Thank you Emily for all of your compassionate care.

Emily is the cheeriest, friendliest doctor I have ever worked with. Her positivity and loveliness are infectious. She evidently thoroughly enjoys her job and she is passionate about paediatrics. Nothing is too much trouble, she is an excellent team player and is continuosly supporting others within the team. She is so empathetic to children and their families and explains things so thoroughly at a level both the child and family can understand. Her safety netting advice is some of the clearest and most thorough I’ve heard. She is an amazing addition to the Torbay Paediatric team.

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