Fiona Holden

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Fiona is a Torbay CAMHS Consultant and had been the torchbearer for her entire service in beginning to build relationships with the paediatric medical teams in Torbay. Some of this has come about naturally through her work in the Crisis Team and her physical contact with the ward, but above all, it is because of her determination and commitment to ensuring that children and young people in the Torbay area receive the best possible care for both their physical and their mental health.

She has borne the brunt of the medical and nursing staff frustration with a chronically underfunded and fragmented system; she has provided a steady and sympathetic guiding hand with complex and challenging cases; she has bent every rule around her designated job plan and broken many to offer greater support to the medical team.

I am always impressed by how systematic, calm, fair and balanced Fiona is. She is an absolute hero and has made a huge impact on the way we interact with, and think about mental health on the ward, and is putting huge effort into developing relationships and building trust, understanding and mutual respect between the Paediatric and the CAMHS teams. Thanks Fiona. You’re marvellous.

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