Jeanette Land

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award 2021

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

“Jeanette is an amazing Assistant Practitioner she has been an amazing support in my journey to becoming an AP myself and always does her best to make patients feel at ease both on SSPAU and in Outpatients. She remains calm when she needs to be and is a real team player. She goes above and beyond in her role to provide the best possible care for her patients.
Janette is extremely talented and knowledgable and continues to go above and beyond in her role. She has developed a lot of extended skills including venepuncture, cannulation, and wound care, stepping out of her comfort zone to improve the care we give to our patients. She is extremely hard working in our busy assessment unit, frequently coming in early to ensure that carer is delivered smoothly and is extremely committed to her patients. She has built up great rapport with our regular patients and they respond well to her. She is a constant support to fellow colleagues and a very valued member of the team! Thank you for all your hard work it is appreciated!

Jeanette is one of the essential building blocks of SSPAU at Torbay. As an AP, She works incredibly hard to ensure the service runs smoothly. Her communication skills with children and their families are excellent and she is well liked amongst our long term children and families. She will always be the best advocate for them also to ensure they get the bets possible care. She is a team player, always willing to take on her share and more of the workload and is supportive to all members of the nursing and medical team.
She also likes to push herself by taking on additional skills such as cannulation.
I don’t actually know what we would do without Jeanette on the SSPAU team.
Netty is a very warm and cheerful person. She is an asset to SSPAU or Paediatric clinic, whichever area she works in. She is very hardworking and sincere. She makes our work and duties a lot easier

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