Tara Johnson

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award 2021

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

“Tara has been working on a Paediatric HCA Teaching programme, supported by the paediatric nursing team in ED. This was an idea Tara had and brought this to the attention of the senior and practice education teams. Since coming up with the idea, Tara has worked to complete this – often in her own time. She has a huge commitment and passion for the department. She has some excellent ideas and strives to better herself and the department every day she works. She has also worked on new signage within the department to give children and their families a better experience and has made some picture signs/aids for those children that may be non-verbal to help communicate their needs/wishes. Tara certainly deserves this recognition for all her hard work and dedication.

Tara is a HCA in the Emergency Department. Tara has undertaken projects within the department to enhance care for Children & Young People such as communication aids and a comprehensive HCA training package. Tara is fantastic with Children and Young people of every age. Patients and parents instinctively trust her. Tara helps to make the Paediatric Emergency Department a child friendly place and has been known to adapt enviroments for children and young people with sensory difficulties to make a safe and comfortable clinical area. Tara escalates appropriate and advocates for childrens and their families to the rest of the team. Tara is a trusted and true asset to the Emergency Department.”

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