Jane Hallam

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award 2021

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Jane does an incredible job in her role as Band 4 for the CCN team. Jane assists the paediatric consultants with their weekly respiratory clinic carrying out varying tests and teaching inhaler technique to families. Jane also does home Asthma visits to educate children and their families in Asthma management. Jane has also taught inhaler technique to all the staff on the paediatric unit on their block training weeks.Jane also takes a lead role in ensuring TOSCA’s are completed for both patients in hospital and at home. She supports the CCN team with taking bloods at home, carrying out home visits to assess babies on weaning oxygen , weighing children and assisting with any other medical tasks needed. Jane holds her own caseload of patients with neuromuscular disorders and ensures the children and their families feel supported. Jane also spends time supporting the staff at specialist schools as needed. Jane never complains at any task she is given and will go above and beyond to support the trained staff as well as teaching more junior staff members. Jane also ensures all the medical equipment is in full working order for all the children at home. Jane is an asset to the CCN team.

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