Cath Derry

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Cath has the most phenomenal way of working with the Young People. I have had the pleasure of looking after children and Young people who have had real struggles opening up and allowing us to care for them, when Cath is on the ward, she will spend however long it takes to build a relationship with the patient and it makes such a huge difference. A truly wonderful consultant we are lucky to have her.

Cath is absolutely fantastic. She has taken her role as college tutor above and beyond. She is always empathetic and willing to genuinely listen and hear everyone’s concerns. She works hard to check in on all the team members and ensure morale is up. This is so appreciated during these pressures we’re all under. She’s supported all my projects personally and encouraged me on all my pursuits. She is also a fantastic teacher. She teaches with such enthusiasm and her sessions are always both full of information and fun. It is also extremely appreciated that she asks for our feedback on how things are going and genuinely works to improve things based on suggestions.

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