Nick Lewington

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Doctor Hero Award 2021

A very hardworking and extremely reliable SHO. He has stepped up to take on extra responsibility over the last couple of months and has effectively managed a busy CAU as an ST2. When not busy on the wards you will always find him teaching juniors and students (nursing and medical alike). A joy to work alongside!

Hard working and a great member of the team. Nick always makes time for education and has a great teaching style. He always seems to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. He makes time to ensure the children and families her cares for understand what is going on and is always happy to answer their questions.

Nick is an excellent trainee who has been a fantastic asset to all teams he has worked in. He is kind, approachable and always cheerful. He has excellent clinical judgement and knowledge and seeks support when needed. He supports his junior and nursing colleagues and is compassionate and empathetic to patients and families. Nick is always a pleasure to work with and ensures the shift is enjoyable no matter what the workload.”

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