James Dearden

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Well what can I say about James, he’s one of the most, if not the most, dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and proactive consultants I have ever worked with. He contributes massively to paediatrics within Torbay as well as regionally. His fingers are in every pie, striving to improve the care of children and their families both locally and nationally. His knowledge base is huge and he takes every opportunity to teach and educate the team from informal case based discussions to sharing best practice and regional and national guidelines. He is always incredibly supportive and actively seeks others input. He always speaks to children and their families in an age friendly, appropriate way. As said previously he is incredibly proactive always looking for ways to improve, embracing new ideas and change freely. He seems to have limitless energy and enthusiasm and is a genuine asset to Torbay paediatric consultant team.

James is quite new in his consultant post but has made a big difference to things already. James passion for teaching always shows through and he always finds time to ensure that trainees get a learning experience on shift. He has done lots of work on doctors induction and the feedback has been very positive particularly from returning doctors who have seen the improvement. When he is the consultant on SSPAU he is always present or easy to get hold of and offers support to the staff there. Thank you James for always pushing me just outside of my comfort zone to keep me learning.

Despite being a ‘new consultant’, James has hit the ground running. He is already involved in a multitude of projects, ranging from improving acute care to supporting junior staff and mental health of patients and staff. He is committed to ensuring teaching opportunities are protected and is already familiar with the expectations of progress plus, and is the first to share positive feedback with other staff. Somehow whilst doing all this he still manages to provide high quality care to his patients.

James is a excellent Paediatrician. Even though, he is new to the role of a Consultant, he is doing very well. He is very hard working and takes up responsibility and sees to it that juniors are not overburdened. He also disseminates a lot of useful information to the juniors and also takes a keen interest in teaching. He has been encouraging the International Medical Graduates in his previous role and also in his new one. Above all, he is a humble and lovely human being.

Dr Dearden has been a champion for raising mental health awareness within both the paediatric team and wider network. His work has included; developing stronger links between the multidisciplinary team and being passionate mental health advocate. This has included working closely with CAMHs colleagues forging stronger relationships. Dr Dearden continues to develop a mental health network which is going from strength to strength.

James is committed to creating an outstanding training environment for juniors. He has redesigned the induction process such that it is the most useful many have experienced in the Trust. He proactively supports learning in the clinical environment through both incredible explanations to decision making as well as encouraging juniors to lead interactions through a role switch where he will document for the trainee whilst they are assessing the patient ensuring to provide useful feedback. As a foundation doctor keen to pursue a career in paediatrics, James has provided exceptional mentoring support with a genuine interest in supporting my aspirations. He absolutely embodies the RCPCH values through the highest standard of patient care and supporting a wonderful working environment.

James is a great addition to the consultant team at Torbay. He is always willing to provide teaching opportunities, allowing the juniors to make the most from their time in paediatrics. He is very kind and considerate to patients and their families.

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