Yolanda Alins-Sahun

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Yolanda brings such as passion to her care for her patients that it is contagious. She uses this passion to ensure her patients are well looked after and that their care is Gold standard.

She has a fantastic rapport with her patients, she shows incredible kindness and generosity especially with newly diagnosed diabetics. She has been known to give up her own time to come in at weekends to help educate children and their families. Yolanda is always keen to educate the team around her from the junior doctors to the nurses and HCA’s on the wards. Yolanda supports her peers and the rest of the paediatric team by ensuring jobs are done and shared out efficiently making the level run smoothly.

yolanda is very passionate about her patients , she is thorough , and does not limit her time with them .She comes to the wards on her days off if any of her patients are admitted to make sure they are well. She is very encouraging to them and their families , especially when they are finding it hard to cope. staff are able to ask for advice or guidance

An absolute bullet of a consultant, Yolanda is fiery but passionate about her work. She has a fantastic way with her diabetic patients and their families, she will spend hours talking to them and educating them to ensure the best outcome. On the ward she is a fantastic support to the team, giving advice and education on diabetes when needed. Yolanda is straight talking and direct but always with the patients needs being put first.

The care and knowledge of diabetes that she shares on different educational levels with nurses, doctors, patients and especially new parents. Nothing is too much trouble, a font of knowledge and enthusiasm”

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