Dr Annabel Baines

Winner of the Senior (ST4-8) Training Doctor Hero Award 2019

Here are the nominations we recieved:

Everything about Annabel is superlative. She has superb clinical knowledge and technical skills, particularly in the spheres of acute and critical paediatric care. She is fantastically efficient and organised.

She is adored by the patients and parents she works with and by the staff with whom she interacts. Her most remarkable strength is her ability to support and encourage all members within her team from junior nursing staff to consultants. She is widely known to be approachable and will often be sought out by members of the MDT for her advice and support, both in clinical matters and personal trials. The support she gives is both sage and balanced, and hugely valued by those she works with.

She has undertaken unique opportunities to develop her clinical abilities and make her an indispensable acute paediatrician. She represents her peer trainees within the deanery school board and is keen to advocate for both their training and their wellbeing.

Bels is an inspiration for junior and senior paediatricians alike.


Where to start… Annabel has been an amazing, supportive registrar to work with. She is supportive to colleagues (both senior and junior – from consultants through to admin staff). She is clearly loved by everyone she works with. Teaching is part of her daily routine and she teaches in a way that increases your own confidence. She boosts moral amongst the team by being friendly and cheery. She is calm under pressure and encourages staff to debrief if there have been bad shifts. She will make an amazing consultant, good luck in PICU Annabel!


Annabelle is amazing! It has been a pleasure working with Annabelle before she transferred to Bristol for her next journey. She is such a positive influence and always has a smile and a hug to brighten your day. Annabelle is so supportive to nursing staff she will always listen to your concerns and never doubts you, if you need her she is there. When lacking confidence she was there to pick me up and dust me off, she just knows what to say to boost your confidence. Annabelle is a amazing with patients and their families and always strives to provide the best care possible, she is calm and just who you need in an emergency!


Super enthusiastic, knowledge and skilled as well as prepared to stand up for what is right. A real pleasure to work with, thank you.

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