Sam Janoff

Peninsula trainee

“He is hard working and always has a smile, no matter how busy it is! He has great relationships with the medical and nursing teams and really brings the paediatric team as a whole together. His clinical work is excellent and his interaction with children and families is exceptional (I have met several patients who have specifically asked for Dr Sam!). Bedsides his clinical work, Sam has worked incredibly hard in his role as Sim fellow and providing feedback from morning sim teaching.

You will always know when Sam is around. But that is a good thing! He is diligent, hard working, and thorough. Keen to get his colleagues to interact outside of the workplace, he cares for his fellow trainees, fighting for their rights and making positive changes within the department.

Sam is exemplary in paediatric care, to the point that I believe Sam acts well above that of a junior doctor. His interaction with patients is appropriate and considerate and always altered to the best approach. Sam works extremely well within the team and especially notes the opinions and questions of the nursing staff caring for the patients to work together to achieve the best outcome. ”

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