Sam Janoff

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs & GPSTs)

“Sam is a great role model for any junior doctor. He is highly motivated and goes the extra mile for his patients as well as his colleagues. Tireless support of remote teaching when in Exeter!

Sam has been a fantastic trainee driving forward many QI projects as well as continuing to support the simulation delivery within the department. Most impressive has been his organisation during the COVID crisis with regards to leading on the learning on online learning platforms. Within a week or two of face to face teaching being abandoned he had organised everyone in the department from all disciplines into understanding how to deliver effective teaching via MS Teams. He sent out user guides and was consistently available to trouble shoot issues that those less IT savvy were having. He continues to be in liaison with HEE about looking to lead the region on this. In addition to this, Sam has continued to hone excellent clinical skills, liaising fantastically with parents and families.

Fantastic dedication to the team, very happy to help and a pleasure to work with. Loads of hard work during COVID to ensure everyone still got to attend and give teaching, making guides to ms teams, troubleshooting problems. Sam is so enthusiastic and great fun to work with. He is always looking to improve things for his patients and the multidisciplinary team. He worked really hard during COVID to successfully relaunch trainee teaching online.”

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