Sadie Harrison

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Sadie is an amazing ANNP. She has wonderful communication skills with the entire multidisciplinary team. She is supportive of junior colleagues and is always willing to support training by teaching procedures / skills to others. She is compassionate with families. She is efficient, organised and dedicated to the unit. She is always willing to help the team and is a pleasure to work with.

Skilled, competent and kind. Sadie has bridged the gap between medical and nursing team and the maternity unit. Midwives simply trust her and she engages and enables them in return. This has dramatically improved working relationships, which in turn improves safety. Families feel really supported, she is never rushed and always finds time to reassure them and answer questions. Nothing is never a stupid question, always takes time to talk a situation through, she is calm in stressful situations and has a friendly approach.

She is integral to the team. She takes on a lot of tasks and even when stressed is willing to help out other members of the team or offer quick advice regarding logistics. She will try and swap with trainees and appreciates the pressures of both the nursing and medical job. She is a great source of knowledge for the unit.

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