Stuart Davison

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“Stuart is an extremely capable doctor in not only his own role but also is happy to take on nursing roles if the nursing staff are busy. Stuart has recently been involved in rolling out the new pathway for the DKA patients and has been very hands on in ensuring all staff are aware of this pathway.

Stuart is great at explaining to parents and children what is going to happen whilst they are with us and also reassuring them. Stuart is also you the doctor you want on shift when trying to obtain bloods/insert a cannula on a child with tricky veins, stays calm and is normally successful first time and is always fast so as not to distress the child too much.

Stuart is AMAZING at what he does. Stuart is very knowledgeable and deserves more recognition than a senior Reg. Everyone on the ward feels a relief when they know Stuart is working due to knowing that if things go downhill he will be there supporting us every step of the way. Stuart has really good relationships with both the children and families and never appears to be stressed keeping a cool, calm manner about him. Stuart makes you feel at ease if you ask him to review a patient that you may be worried about and never makes you feel like it’s a silly thing to ask.”

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