2018 Nurse of the year nominees

Nurses received more nominations than any other category, and we have norminations for nurses working in all the acute trusts in Devon and Cornwall!

Glenda Apilado

Connor Brady

Beverley Bromley

Stella Carney

Tracy Chalk

Claire Clausen

Sandra Cobb

Maria Cook

Louise Cork

Tanya Crago

Amy-Jo Davey

Karen Dawe

Charlotte Durrant

Sara Easton

Courtney Etheridge

Hazel Ferris

Lisa Gillfillan

Kirsty Hardee

Tanya Hedges

Jasmine Heslop

Sam James

Lucy Jessop/Pike

Charlotte Johns

Carrie Jones

Jenna Julian

Leanne Lane

Lisa Lee

Jane Lewis

Tracey Mason

Lucie Middleton-Smith

Katie Oakes

Eileen Oliveira

Terry O’Neill

Elizabeth Phillips

Karen Pooley

Dellen Prescott

Louise Rattenbury

Amy Rodgers

Annie Rosen

Sally Rothwell

Petra Russell

Natalie Stephens

Carolyn Stevens

Laura Swift

Claire Tanner

Louise Taylor

Noelle Taylor

Lindsay Thomas

Maxine Thomson

Rhea Toney

Claire Tregonning

Carla Trotman

Sarah Wilde

Sarah Wimbert

CAU and CHDU team (Plymouth)

*We have not been able to confirm all names, roles and places of work are correct and have relied on those submitting nominations to have got it right, however if you see something that is wrong (such as name spelling or place of work) please drop s.janoff@nhs.net an email and we will update the website.