Leanne Hargreaves

Winner of the Non Clinical Hero Award 2019

Here are the nominations we recieved:

Best rota coordinator we ever worked with, treats doctors as people not numbers required to fill rota, always willing to help, organised, provides rota well in advance.


She copes amazingly well with an astoundingly difficult job and often works beyond her hours.


Leanne is the best! She is always approachable, and the trainees always say that she really tries to help them.


Leanne – I don’t know how you do it! You deserve this and so much more for the time and effort you put into trying to keep the rotas running. Your genuine caring for us as people doesn’t go un-noticed – we are so lucky to have you.


Leanne is a brilliant rota co-ordinator. She manages to do a seemingly impossible job really well, with a sense of humour. Leanne cares about the trainees in the department and takes into consideration our training needs whilst staffing 2 stretched rotas.


Tireless support to trainees and consultants to manage a fair junior’s rota. Simply the best rota coordinator of all time.


Rosters intelligently. Communicates well with trainees, and sympathises with the tensions of service provision vs training.


Incredibly approachable and lovely, and somehow manages to stay positive and smiling despite the awful pressures of trying to keep the rota staffed despite all the shortages.


Leanne is a perfect example of how non clinical staff can integrate beautifully with the clinical teams, communicate well with junior doctors and bring a human and refreshingly sympathetic face to the medical workforce team.

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