Mairi Vella

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“During a very difficult year for the oncology team, where we have seen our workload almost double, Mairi has been a rock around which the rest of the team have revolved. She always makes herself available for patients (who incidentally all love her), as well as maintaining an overall awareness of the demands and requirements of the service. On top of this she has been a key contributor to teaching within the department and had been set to do regional teaching also (although some of this was cancelled due to COVID).

On a more informal level she regularly provides excellent ‘on the flooor’ teaching to junior and nursing colleagues who express an interest. She has also helped to drive guideline updates, helping to instigate and lead paediatirc palliative care service within RCHT, taken on the late effects clinic, regularly dialling into regional MDT meetings for updates on our patients. She almost never leaves on time, not through poor time management, but through an absolute dedication to the needs of our patients. She is a true asset to the team and could not be more appreciated by the team or the patients.

Thank you Mairi. “

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