Megan Tombling

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“Megan is full of energy and faces every situation with a smile and positivity. Her clinical knowledge is excellent and she works with the families to formulate logical and evidenced based management plans. She is always happy to teach and support more junior members of staff and is a pleasure to have in the team.

Megan has only recently joined our team and has already made a positive impact! She is dynamic, positive and thrives to do the best for her patients and their families! She has fitted into the team seamlessly and is a great team player especially when providing great support to the nursing team.

CAU has recently become busier and Megan’s first night shift was a baptism of fire which she handled like a true pro! She is friendly, kind, and nothing is ever too much to ask, Megan is also a great educator and no matter what the situation is always happy to share her knowledge. It’s a great reassurance when you show up for work and see that Megan is your senior paediatric doctor because you know if the storm hits Megan is there to handle it!!”

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