Marianne Scott

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Marianne retires this year and has worked full time all her working life. She is a phenomenal clinical nurse with vast experience from NICU level 3 surgery units, PICU at Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle and Leicester General Infirmary. Marianne is always calm, measured and reassuring of her team when any emergency arises. She is the type of sister you see on shift and you know everything is going to be ok.

Marianne’s skill is not just at the cutting edge of intensive work but as a real all round player. She is an excellent named nurse for the long term baby and their family forging strong supportive relationships with any family. Families simply ‘love’ her I imagine because she enables them to simply feel safe.

She also makes the team feel safe and I include all of the consultants in this, simply because of her clinical expertise delivered with measured and kindness.Marianne’s teaching and coaching skills are second to none. I have learnt so much from her and respect her greatly.

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