Megan Harty

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs & GPSTs)

“Dr Harty is enthusiastic and keen to learn. She is dedicated to paediatrics, is the first to help out the department in times of need, and always goes the extra mile.

Meg has only just started in her paediatric trainee role but after working with her prior to this I know she will be absolutely amazing. She was always an amazing member of the team whilst working at Torbay. Extremely supportive to both senior and junior staff and always willing to do some informal teaching or lend a sympathetic ear. Her clinical knowledge and procedural expertise was demonstrated every time I worked with her. She is an incredible communicator with both children and their families, easily putting an anxious child and their parent at ease. Lots and lots of fun to work with while always maintaining unwavering professionalism. We miss you Meg!

Dr Harty has completed a year as an SHO at Torbay before starting her ST1 in Exeter. She is an excellent doctor and a safe pair of hands. For the little things that might get overlooked like checking how colleagues are after resus situations too maintaining a positive and relaxed demeanour despite stressful shifts. During this year she has been a critical member of the team, she has been very supportive to nursing colleagues and junior colleagues. Megan is a natural with her patients and their family, putting them at ease and making their bad days seem better. It’s fantastic she has decided to choose paediatrics and I wish her every success.”

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