Meg Harty

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs, GPSTs and Trust doctors)

Currently works at Torbay & South Devon

“Great team player, always enthusiastic and motivated.

Meg is an absolutely amazing doctor. Since she started with us 2 years ago, she just time and time again went above and beyond. Everything was organised when Meg was around. She was never phased by difficult situations even though after the events she found it difficult. I have loved working with Meg over the last 2 years and hope she is back with us soon.

Meg is a superb trainee who excels clinically. She is hardworking and trustworthy.

Meg is a committed, hard working and deeply caring trainee. Coming on to a shift with Meg is always a brilliant start to the day, she’s a true team player. Meg is a perfect balance of solid academic knowledge, efficiency and kindness to those around her. A trainee to look up to!

Meg-what can you say! Superb doctor. Conscientious, kind, considerate, confident but safe! Great communication skills with all colleagues, patients and families. Supportive to juniors and nursing colleagues. Measured. Meg you continue to excel and should be so proud of your achievements….well done!

Meg is so good to work with … she has an amazing ability to be professional and thorough whilst being part of the team and she brings lots of fun to work. Things feel safe when she’s around!!

Megan harty is incredible in many ways, I was so happy to see her back in Torbay. Megan is efficient and thorough when assessing all the children she see. She truly goes the extra mile to make sure all the children individual needs are met, flowing care plans or the appropriate pathways needed.You can see she has a big heart and is always smiling, upbeat and bubby. She has excellent leadership skills and when working with an acute patient she had clear communicate, ensuring everyone knew what they were doing, ensuring best care for the patient. Megan has a kind hearted manner with all the families and always bring a smile to all the children’s faces she looks after. She is respectful and caring, showing compassion with children and families.
Megan will check in with you if involved in acute patient and is great at answering questions.”

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