Casey Delahaye

Winner of the Junior Nurse Award 2019

Here are the nominations we recieved:

Casey has become a great member of our team. She has a positive approach to her role and is ready to embrace training and guidance that will allow her to deliver the best care to her patients that she can.


We have ever increasing numbers of children and young people with mental health issues, a national trend, Casey has already completed a module in how to support these patients and has demonstrated this in her approach.


Casey has a calmness that is a great benefit when working with children and young people.I think Casey should win this award as recognition for the work she already does and the nurse she is becoming.


She is extremely thorough and goes above and beyond for her patients. She is always willing to learn. She works extremely hard, and constantly works overtime to cover staff shortage. She is a pleasure to work with and a valuable team player.


Casey is a natural nurse, caring, reassuring, always smiling, respectful and professional. She is dedicated to her career and her patients. Although Casey has only been qualified for two years she is very experienced, and confident in her care delivery. She develops excellent relationships with all the children and families she looks after and takes time to spend with children with mental health problems. Casey is a pleasure to work with and an amazing asset to the ward.


Kind, caring and approachable, very knowledgeable in their role and immediately put their patients and their relatives at ease with the friendly manor. Do not realise what a great nurse they are, and what an asset they are to the team.


Casey is a compassionate caring individual who always strives to make a difference. Caseys pleasant sunny disposition makes her a popular member of the nursing team. Casey goes out of her way to provide her patients with excellent care.


Casey is always a pleasure to work. She is hard working and always keen to learn. She is thorough in all she does and completely trustworthy. Her gentle manner puts anxious families and patients at ease and she was always away of any concerns that families came in with. Casey is someone who doesn’t complain, is always smiling and a genuine pleasure to work alongside. I know Casey is going to be an asset to any paediatric team throughout her career.


Casie is a natural nurse, she has a lovely, caring nature who is a natural with children and young people. Casie shows absolute dedication to our team, she is keen and always willing to support other members of the team.


Casie is demonstrating huge potential, she has recently commenced her HDU course and takes every opportunity to advance her nursing skills.


Casey is a very efficient nurse with an outstanding level of care. She is fantastic with the CAMHS patients on the ward, spending time getting to know them and making them feel valued. Recently she was asked to go to A&E to bring a ‘well’ child up to the ward, but on arrival to A&E she observed that the child was very sick and declined to take the child up to the ward, she got senior help immediately and stabilised the child in A&E before transferring them to the ward later.

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