James Dearden

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“James has consistently put a staggering amount of time and effort into overseeing the training needs of his colleagues as RCPCH trainee rep. He has also organised the PAFTA presentations for the last few years and grown enthusiasm and support for the whole of the paediatric community in the Peninsula. He is a fantastic leader and well respected by his junior colleagues as well as patients and families

Where do I even start with James. He’s a superstar. Over the past 12 months James has been working in an extremely challenging and demanding PICU rotation, made more clinically and emotionally demanding by the stressors of COVID-19. James has excelled clinically throughout the year, but more importantly he has been a rock for all colleagues on PICU. On some of the most difficult shifts I have ever worked, with some of the most challenging cases I have ever come across, James has always been there providing unfaltering support and a socially-distanced shoulder to cry on. I would have broken without him. His hero-level powers don’t stop there though. For most of us, a full time job on PICU is hard enough. Not for James. In addition to smashing PICU, he’s been a key player in the roll-out of the new, and incredibly successful, RCPCH ‘Milestones’ magazine, he was responsible for the magnificent PAFTAs 2019, and has continues to be a fantastic RCPCH Trainee Rep. Oh, yeah, & he did this all whilst commuting from Devon to Bristol whilst being a wonderful husband & amazing dad to a 4 year old and BRAND NEW BABY!

Well done James. We’re all in awe of you!”

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