Helen Sammons

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“Fantastic role model, very approachable to juniors, always happy to give advice and great with children and parents

Helen manages to balance her clinical commitments and the trials and trepidations of management in her role as lead consultant with perfect harmony. On the ward Helen leads by example and has a pragmatic approach to problems which always achieve the best for her patients. During the pandemic Helen’s leadership ensured that the service ran as best as it could and adapted well to the ever-changing situation. Helen paid great attention to the safety and wellbeing of her colleagues and juniors and was able to meet individually with anyone who needed help. Helen was able to approve temporary hotel accommodation to support her staff and reduce their travel to work time and improve their rest periods when covering extra shifts. This extended beyond the lockdown period and was above and beyond what was expected. Helen is always approachable and has a great listening ear. She has a great relationship with her patients and is a pleasure to work with.”

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