Helen Channer

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

An absolute inspiration to both the nursing and medical team. Incredibly supportive, incredibly knowledgeable and always striving to improve care for sick children and their families.

Helen has been an inspiration during my time here. Clinically she will ‘hit the ground running’ on any given shift, ensuring that all patients are given a thorough review. She will quickly address any gaps in existing management plans from colleagues – never relying on others to fill in the blanks the following day. She has demonstrated remarkable compassion and sensitivity and takes the time to listen to the concerns of long term patients and their families. She is clearly very approachable, as the trainees are swift to report any issues to her, and she will go above and beyond to address these issues. She is quick to volunteer for ongoing projects requiring a lot of time and effort, and still somehow finds time to follow up her patients. Not only that but she is always available to discuss trainee concerns at length, and to be supportive of colleagues – whether it is just a friendly chat or arranging maternity gifts!

The most supportive and caring consultant. Always goes the extra mile for her colleagues and patients. A true role model!! Really good with patients, but also very involved in junior development and teaching and ensuring juniors have the best experience at work as possible. She listens when people need someone to listen. She teaches and supports all members of the team around her. She doesn’t shy away from a difficult situation and speaks up for those who most need it from patients to colleagues. She is incredibly supportive and always takes time to be there if needed.

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