Gillian Forward

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“Excellent communication with the nursing team and families on our unit. Gillian always valued my opinion, and I found her extremely approachable and supportive.

Gilly is the most supportive registrar I have ever worked with. She is always there to listen to all your problems. She was brilliant at the start of COVID, creating junior doctor meetings where we could bring all our problems to her. She would then be the link between the junior and consultant team trying to make improvements for us. Gilly is incredibly approachable, always smiling, fantastic at communicating and works above and beyond. She is also a great teacher and takes time to help you understand things when you are working with her. She is the role model that every doctor should be like: caring, approachable, incredible knowledge and always there for everybody.”

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