Dermot Dalton

Works at North Devon District Hospital

I really valued having Dermot as a supervisor last year. He both supported me through the training requirements of the year, as well as always being available to meet and provide additional support when needed. I learnt a lot through discussing difficult cases, and the advice I was given will be helpful for the rest of my career. He also took an interest in my long term career plans and helped me process where my strengths were and focus my plans.

Dermot also sent an e-mail around to all new trainees starting at the trust prior to our start date – it is rare to personally hear from a department prior to starting a job, and this made a huge difference especially when starting a new job and moving house.

Although Dermot supports new trainees he is also ready to support nursing staff when required, resulting in a whole team approach, which results in best patient care being delivered. Dermot also ran simulation sessions on the ward and in SCBU, these were well attended by different members of the team which reflects the education and team value that they brought.

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