Chris Poh

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“Chris is always willing to teach nursing staff about anything they are wanting to know, for example recently we have had a few patients that have had abnormal findings on CT scans and he will always show us the scan and inform us what we are looking at, how it’s going to be treated and why they are getting the symptoms they have.

Chris is always very good at updating nurses if they have been involved with a child’s care about their follow up and how they are getting on. For example, I have done child protection medicals with Chris and he will always let me know the outcome of these.

Chris is fantastic with children and making their investigations/reviews fun and easy and making at them feel at ease. Chris is also very good at speaking to parents and in particular always makes sure their social and mental health are good and offers support if they need it.

Chris is very good at supporting nurses, especially junior nurses like myself. Chris came down and supported me with a very poorly patient in A&E as I was not happy to transfer them to the ward. Chris listened to my concerns and acted on them appropriately. Hardworking, able to see ones strengths and weaknesses, encourages people to overcome their weakness and brings out the best in others.

Chris has a very relaxed manner about him that reflects well onto both patients and families. Chris never makes you feel like asking him a question is every a silly one. Chris is very good at reflecting on his work and involving everyone into his decisions of care, ensuring that the nurses are happy with his decisions. Chris will never hesitate to also get involved into the care of his patients such as; putting in a cannula, he is happy to do this rather than relying on lower grades to do this, Everyone is treated as an individual.”

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