2018 Consultant Unsung Hero Nominees

Carolyn Adcock

Yolanda Alins-Sahun

Alex Allwood

Oladipo Aworinde

Dave Bartle

Simon Bedwani

Alison Busfield

Alan Cade

Helen Channer

Ollie Cuthell

Laraine Dibble

Julian Eason

Jonathan Gallichan

Johnny Graham

Rachel Howells

Emma Hulbert-Powell

Heather Jarvis

Yadlapalli Kumar

Julia Lilley

David Mabin

Katrina MacDonald

John Madar

Dave McGregor

Patrick Oades

Vicky Ohlsson

Simon Parke

Mel Philipps

Simon Robertson

Helen Sammons

Rebecca Smith

Karen Street

Nagendra Venkata

Myooren Wimalendra

The Neoanatal Consultant Team (Plymouth)


*We have not been able to confirm all names, roles and places of work are correct and have relied on those submitting nominations to have got it right, however if you see something that is wrong (such as name spelling or place of work) please drop s.janoff@nhs.net an email and we will update the website.