Dr Helen Channer

Winner of the Consultant Hero Award 2019

Here are the nominations we recieved:

An absolute inspiration to both the nursing and medical team. Incredibly supportive, incredibly knowledgeable and always striving to improve care for sick children and their families.


Helen has been an inspiration during my time here. Clinically she will ‘hit the ground running’ on any given shift, ensuring that all patients are given a thorough review. She will quickly address any gaps in existing management plans from colleagues – never relying on others to fill in the blanks the following day. She has demonstrated remarkable compassion and sensitivity, and takes the time to listen to the concerns of long term patients and their families. She is clearly very approachable, as the trainees are swift to report any issues to her, and she will go above and beyond to address these issues. She is quick to volunteer for ongoing projects requiring a lot of time and effort, and still somehow finds time to follow up her patients. Not only that but she is always available to discuss trainee concerns at length, and to be supportive of colleagues – whether it is just a friendly chat or arranging maternity gifts!


Helen is a role model for both trainees with the medical field and the nursing staff she works alongside. She respects the opinions and views of nursing staff and takes them into consideration when planning patient care.


The most supportive and caring consultant. Always goes the extra mile for her colleagues and patients. A true role model!!


Great leader and role model. Boosts morale of those on shift by being friendly, approachable, and remembering the importance of little things like tea breaks! Advocate for trainees – ensuring we get teaching, simulation sessions, adequate training opportunities and experiences.


An all round great consultant – friendly and approachable with great clinical decision making and communication skills. A very enthusiastic teacher, explains things very clearly. Makes an effort to get to know and take an interest in juniors and gives good constructive feedback. Excellent patient manner and very well liked by patients, parents and staff.


All round fantastic consultant. Really good with patients, but also very involved in junior development and teaching and ensuring juniors have the best experience at work as possible.

When I was a registrar, working on the wards, you knew that if Helen was on call she would always go above and beyond to sort out difficult issues and do whatever it took to get the work done. She always takes all team members contribution seriously and is a true leader as well as team player. She is incredibly hard working and committed and it really does rub off on all those around her. She has a skill of motivating her team through leading through example. She has a really caring and compassionate attitude to patients and families however tough the shift is, and however busy she is. I really enjoy having her as a consultant colleague now as she really supports the team through the tough times by really encouraging opportunities to have team lunches and boost morale through small acts of kindness. I think Helen’s contribution is invaluable and would really love her to be recognised for the huge amount she gives to the team, children and families she works with in this Trust.


Helen is an excellent consultant and role model for juniors. She is conscientious and hard working. But also pro-active in initiating WBAs for juniors and social time. She was a pleasure to work with.


Helen goes out of her way to try and make the job a training opportunity even if it means more work for herself. Makes staff feel valued and not just “service provision”. Approachable and always in the trainees corner.


Helen is so committed to developing the service we provide. She acts as a positive role model to juniors, collegues and the trainee advanced nurse practitioners. Nothing is ever too much to and she will always go out of her way to support her colleagues and the service.


Helen is very approachable, and if any issues are raised – she will be the first consultant to try and fix things. Also supportive both clinically and personally.


Helen is a wonderful doctor with sound judgement. She listens when people need someone to listen. She teaches and supports all members of the team around her. She doesn’t shy away from a difficult situation and speaks up for those who most need it from patients to colleagues. She is incredibly supportive and always takes time to be there if needed.

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