Hannah Cottis

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

What a fantastic colleague and inspiration Dr Cottis is – she has quietly been the medical school link for many years ensuring that students have valuable and educational placements. She has a huge clinical workload but always has time to answer questions and discuss patients. She is a fantastic role model for all and a real team player.

Dr Cottis is the only consultant I’ve ever called at 2 in the morning who has offered to do a WPBA off the back of the phonecall. It seems to just be in her nature to find any way to support and educate the juniors she works with. Her enthusiasm is infectious, she’s funny and kind and makes a shift infinitely more jolly. On top of this, she is a very very good doctor who is thoughtful and sensible with every clinical interaction. Her patients all love her and it goes without saying that so do all the medical and nursing staff. She’s absolutely lush. Thank you Hannah!

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