Nagendra Venkata

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Nagendra works tirelessly as a lead consultant. He is always happy to shares his fantastic knowledge with doctors as well as with nurses. Nagendra demonstrates excellent bedside manners, is always patient and calm. He is happy to explain a problem until it is finally understood. Marvellous doctor ,a great asset to RDE NNU

Nagendra is an extremely dedicated and hard working consultant. He manages to keep up with his many commitments including patient care in neonatology, cardiology and general paediatric outpatients alongside challenging management roles including being the clinical lead for our busy neonatal unit.

Nagendra is a very committed to the education of junior colleagues and is happy to support juniors with supervised learning events, advice and feedback. He has been supportive of me since my first day working with him and I always feel supported and encouraged when working with him. It is also evident how well the neonatal consultant team work together and Nagendra is a prime example and will support colleagues when possible at times when it is busy or pressured.

Nagendra sees parents as partners in care and is focused on updating parents and ensuring that when possible decision making is shared. In emergency situations when a situation has stabilised he will often peal away to make sure the parents fully understand everything that has happened.

Nagendra is a great consultant and very deserving of a nomination to this year’s PAFTAS.

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