Chris Bell

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals

“Chris Bell is one of those doctors that you know when the Excre*** is in the air conditioning, he’ll be there in the thick of it to bail you out! Chris’ office door is always open. Like The Four Tops, if you reach out he’ll be there…
Chris is dedicated to the principles of education. If there’s an opportunity to teach he’ll be there with his white board and pen. Trainees and nurses alike, he can pitch anything at any level. He teaches with a passion that is infective. If there’s a problem he’ll, find an educational approach to fix it.
Whilst Chris is an exemplary leader, he is not too ‘tall’ to accept suggestions and ideas.
If i was a parent of a sick baby i would be thrilled for Chris to be my baby’s consultant. Informative and attentive, he gives the families all the time needed for them to feel assured that his patients are getting the best care Cornwall NNU can give.

Chris demonstrates excellence in all areas of his role as a consultant. He is so supportive of peers and always encourages and champions personal development and quality improvement. Chris is approachable, honest and dedicated and his interaction with patients and their families is exemplary. Chris is an asset to the team and very deserving of this award. Thankyou :)”

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