Chris Poh

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at North Devon District Hospital

Great to have as a consultant colleague. When I have a difficult situation I know he’ll be there to get alongside me.

Dr Poh is my clear nomination for Paediatric Consultant Hero as he ticks all the boxes.
He is an excellent clinician who will go above and beyond his duty to take care of children and their families. He is 100% involved with trainee education and will share his own resources and time to make sure our education continues to grow. Dr Poh is an amazing team member who you can always rely on for advice. Fair, hard working and good fun!

Chris is such an excellent role model to look up to, he goes above and beyond with every aspect of his work. His clinical skills and knowledge are fantastic and he is always keen to teach and explain concepts to anyone, I’ve even caught him teaching parents on the intricacies of cranial USS! You can always tell when Chris has been on shift, the ward is sorted out there are a pile of detailed email correspondence’s copying everyone who needs to know, liaising with specialists and all the parents feel enabled to teach you about their conditions and know exactly what the next steps are!

His communication style is open and honest, parents give him lots of compliments and feel very safe in his competent care. He is unable to take compliments but is fully deserving and despite telling everyone that he is ‘grumpy’ he is a joy to work with!

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