Nicola O’Shea

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Nikky embodies all aspects of a consultant hero. She is supportive of junior colleagues and always considers learning opportunities. Her calm and caring approach to her patients and their families is admirable.

Dr O’Shea is the friendliest consultant to work with. Extremely approachable and knowledgable. Always ready for a little teaching session for juniors.

Nikky has taken up the post of College Tutor in Exeter and is doing a fantastic job. It’s a role which can’t be easy, having to juggle the rota and staffing in addition to supporting the department’s junior doctors. But Nikky is doing a brilliant job, she is incredibly supportive to her colleagues, and will look out for and go the extra mile for trainees. Nikky is also a fabulous doctor, who is incredibly kind and always calm in an emergency. Thank you for everything you do in Exeter Nikky!

Nikky is an inspirational Consultant. She so hardworking supportive and looks after the team. She is continually supporting the juniors whilst also juggling the gaps in the rota constantly. Dedicated to the job as a neonatal consultant as well as all the other things she is involved such as EPIC implementation.

Nikky is fantastic. We have been very lucky to have her as out college tutor this year, she is so calm and kind even when staffing pressures are rising and she makes time to support trainees in difficult times.

Nikky has been working as a consultant for a few years now and has really grown into the role. She has become college tutor at Exeter and is incredibly supportive of the junior doctors that she is overseeing. She spends an incredible amount of time trying to fill gaps in rotas while at the same time delivering copious amounts of teaching on NNU, Bramble and on regional and national courses. She is an incredibly supportive colleague who makes excellent decisions and can be relied upon as a solid member of the neonatal consultant team. She is well liked by patients and parents with a fantastic bedside manner.

Nikky is an amazing advocate for her patients and there families. In addition she is a fantastic college tutor who is approachable, kind and does everything in her power to support her junior colleagues.

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