Yahya Mubashar

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Mubashar is one of the kindest, calmest Consultants I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He exhibits complete cool in every situation and all of his decisions are reasoned and safe. He is an excellent role model and is an inspiration to the whole team. He takes time to make sure everyone is supported and will always lend a sympathetic ear. He has a massive knowledge base and takes every opportunity to teach the junior members of the team. He is kind and empathetic to children and their families and is dedicated to providing the best possible care.

Dr Mubashar was Community Lead Paediatrician, and has taken on the position of Clinical Director as well, with all the additional work that entails. He is always willing to help with any patient queries, and in particular at present with a colleague on long term sick leave, he has taken on her patient queries as well. He is extremely organised, calm and approachable, and still always has time to give ‘Mubashar words of wisdom’.

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