CHDU – Plymouth

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“There have been many positive changes recently on our unit and I feel everyone has really pulled together to create a good working atmosphere and embrace the change that a new ward manager has brought about. We are such a supportive team focusing on building each other up and this will positively impact on our patient’s experience.

The team on CHDU are dedicated, hardworking, knowledgeable and supportive. They work well in emotional, stressful and pressured situations and always have a smile for their patients and relatives. The nursing staff are aware of the need to update their knowledge and skills regularly and are always willing to help their colleagues across level 12. The team are actively involved in teaching skills to parents of children with complex needs to expediate their discharge and are passionate about ensuring that their long-term patients have enough care and attention whist dealing with acutely unwell children who are admitted.”

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