Catherine Derry

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Cath has taken the role of consultant for CAU this year, she has shown such drive and passion in making CAU the best it can possibly be. She has been such a positive influence and it is amazing to see what has improved in such a short time. It is always a pleasure to work with Cath, she works well within the team and values every member of the CAU team. Cath is amazing with families and has such a reassuring nature, not only that but she is always so supportive of the nursing staff and is always there to listen to any concerns.

Dr Derry’s kindness and support is exceptional. She is providing teaching sessions to help improve nurses and medical staff’s knowledge about how to manage certain conditions. You could ask Dr Derry about anything and she would be happy to answer. Dr Derry has lots of time for patients and families who have been given some life changing news. Dr Derry care’s about patients, nurses, ward clerks and even the cleaning staff, she makes everyone feel at ease and always asks if they are OK.

Cath is always there to help with any questions or support you may have or need, and is always present with a smile on her face and oozing enthusiasm.

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