Christopher Bell

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Since Dr Bell has been working in our team he has been the best possible role model you could wish for. Remembering him as a trainee and now able to work alongside him as a consultant is an absolute pleasure. He is a true inspiration and he works effortlessly including staff from every possible level in his decisions and plans.

Chris’s passion for his role and support for all trainees, staff and families is amazing. His depth of knowledge is astounding, and he never tires of sharing and teaching wherever he can. If there is a new, better way of doing things, he won’t just suggest it he will roll his sleeves up and get stuck in to making it work and support the unit through any changes. For a trainee, he is the person you want to go to in order to understand things better and to discuss or question decisions. He is always non-judgemental and supportive. A truly inspirational and motivational leader.

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