Children’s Assessment Unit – Plymouth

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“As a team they always have each other’s back. They support and work hard together. When faced with a difficult shift they pull together as a team and try and overcome it together. The constant checking on each other to make sure they are OK and if there is anything else that could be done to make one members of staff’s day easier.

The team are always there to support each other whether it be work related or personal issues everyone looks out for one another. CAU is a work family where everyone supports each other and works hard together, leaving no one unsupported. I am defiantly proud to be part of such a special and amazing team!!

The CAU nursing team provides excellent care for children and young people with tireless dedication and professionalism. They also take good care of all the trainees and professionals that work in CAU, supervising, supporting and challenging us every day. Their resilience, sense of humour and ability to produce cups of tea in the bad moments keep us going. When things get tough…CAU nurses get better. Thank you!”

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