Ahmed Sherif

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“Outstanding Register who comes above and beyond his role. Since coming to the trust Ahmed has embraced the paediatric team as family and really sought to aid our working environment and develop our practice. Ahmed really takes the time to educate and teach other members of the team. He always explains not only the plan of treatment for patients, but the reasons and outcomes hoped of these which is empowering. He values all team members opinions, concerns or ideas for patient cares. He has a real calm and reassuring manner with patients and families who feedback very highly of him.

Ahmed has made some great changes on the ward especially in HDU so that emergency events are more concise and manageable within the ward setting. He has worked had to bring teaching to all levels of staff across paediatrics to enable more confidence and understanding. We as a team have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside Ahmed and thank him from the bottom of our hearts

Ahmed is an excellent trainee. He is experienced and works really hard. His experience results in the rest of the team working well together. His diagnosis and management of unwell children is excellent. During lockdown he produced a number of teaching sessions on You Tube to help spread education which were excellent. He also actively contributes to teaching and learning, is organising the teaching rota and also the Trust Rep. He is a highly valued team member and also really easy to work with.

Ahmed joined RCHTs Paediatric department this year. He was so friendly and enthusiastic he just fitted in immediately. Ahmed’s knowledge is immense and he is always willing to share it and teach .His teaching within the multidisciplinary team is exemplary and he initiates small changes which make such a difference eg after an audit we now display individual emergency calculations behind the beds in PHDU (WETFLAG).Ahmed demonstrates excellent leadership skills and is decisive in Paediatric emergencies .He is very supportive of junior medics and nurses at all times. His care of the children and their families is excellent – he really cares and takes time to explain things. Ahmed has really made a difference within the team. The shift is in a safe pair of hands when he is on call.”

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