Andy Robinson

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Andy is an amazing consultant. He is supportive and kind. His service weeks are always an opportunity for learning. He is dynamic and always fun to work with

I have the pleasure working with Andy on the junior doctors rota in Derriford. He is extremely supportive not only to me but to the whole junior doctor workforce. He generally cares about everyone individually and has worked hard over the past 6 months to change the rota for a better balance of training opportunities and home life balance.

Andy is always so knowledgeable and professional. He is kind and helpful to staff and parents and their families. Nothing is too much trouble and Andy goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible care for families and patient flow. We are lucky to have Andy as our consultant on CAU.
Andy is always brilliant with the children he looks after. He’s always willing to spend as much time needed with children and their families. He’s been a great connection between level 12 and paediatric ED

Moving from Acute paediatrics to a dual role within a major trauma ED is a big step and one that Andy has thrown himself into. He listens to the nurses ideas and embraces the ideas about change, education and teaching opportunities. He advocates perfectly for the paediatric team and is passionate about the quality of care that is provided in ED. He’s worked hard to see more trauma and isn’t afraid to acknowledge limitations and get involved in learning opportunities from ED colleagues. We are really lucky to have him with our ED family and look forward to seeing what our paediatric team and facilities can offer in the future with Andy in charge.

Andy is an amazing consultant whom I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside. His passion for his work is inspiring. His joint work within the paediatric ED team and the children’s unit (level 12) has been essential as it encourages great teamwork allowing us to be “one big team”. He does above and beyond to deliver outstanding care and is compassionate in everything he does from caring for those who receive bad news to teaching his fellow colleagues. Patient and family experience is at the centre of Andy’s work ethic and he is a role model to those who work alongside him.”

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