2018 Allied Health Professional/Clerical staff of the year Nominees

Nominations for Managers, Dieticians, Domestic and Catering Staff, Speach and Language Therapists, Ultrasonographers, HCAs, Rota coordinators, Ward clerks, Neurophysiologists, Physiotherapists, Secretaries and more…

There are so many amazing people working in so many roles across all the whole region!

Andy Alford

Cindy Allen

Beverly Berryman

Shelley Billing

Claire Bullock

Sandy Butler

Peter Cantin

Tracey Clark

Susie Costelloe

Ruth Cundy

Rachel Deakin

Yvonne Doyle

Jane Edwards

Stacey Etheridge

Tracey Geen

Leanne Hargreaves

Chelsea Harris

Nigel Hudson

Vicky Jay

Tina Lambshead

Chris Lomas

Jackie Martin

Katie Middleton

Samantha Miller

Laura Newall

Ann Parkin

Louise Pickett

Georgia Pike

Charlotte Rowe

Sarah Ruskin

Nicola Salter

Emer Scanlon

Sarah Smith

Sarah Tickle

Liz Walters

Lilly Zhan

Neonatal Secretary Team (Plymouth)

*We have not been able to confirm all names, roles and places of work are correct and have relied on those submitting nominations to have got it right, however if you see something that is wrong (such as name spelling or place of work) please drop s.janoff@nhs.net an email and we will update the website.