Anita Chin

Works at North Devon District Hospital

Anita is our ward manager, and as well as doing a great job managing the ward, in her personal time she knits hats and sells them. With the money she makes she gives it to families that have come to the ward that have been struggling financially. She is also passionate about recycling and has made the ward as environmentally friendly as possible. She truly cares about the children and their families of north Devon.

Anita is beyond doubt the most caring, thoughtful manager one could hope to encounter, she truly cares about her staff and their well being. Anita has a “my door is always open”  attitude, she is approachable and supportive and cares passionately about her colleagues. Anita has the rare talent of being able to see every situation from all angles and she always encourages others to do the same.

I truly believe I am extremely privileged to work with Anita and feel that as our manager she is an absolute inspiration to us as a team and I feel that she truly deserves recognition for all her hard work and dedication.

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