Alex Childs

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

“Excellent clinician but also mentor for junior doctors. Enthusiastic and friendly, it is always a pleasure to be on Shift with Alex.

Alex is truly caring, always advocating for the team, whether it’s junior doctors, nurses or other professionals as well as keeping the patients at the core of all their actions. Always a great person to talk to put the world to rights and be a calming influence or motivational cheerleader depending on the situation. Has come in on days off to help juniors prepare for exams, has taken on multiple roles locally and in the deanery and is just a lovely person who is fantastic both at dealing with complex and challenging conversations with families and leading emergencies.

Alex is awesome! Always great fun to work with, listens to nursing staff and is a great member of the team. She is a strong team leader who makes concise decisions in a timely manner to delivery effective, safe care to her patients. She is extremely knowledgeable and is always keen to teach junior members of the team and support colleagues. She communicates very well with children and their families and they respond well to her. She is an excellent doctor who deserves high recognition for this!”

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