Claire Clausen

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Claire has been an advocate for CAU this year, striving to improve the experience for both the patients/families and the staff alike. She is constantly pushing herself and her boundaries, improving herself, as shown by her new role as Band 6! She always takes the time to teach others, and has even, along with Dr Derry, arranged teaching with the nurses which can be accessed by all. She is a great support to her colleagues, both nursing and medical, including with her knew skills of venepuncture, cannulation and ECG. She is an inspiration for junior members of the team.

Despite some personal challenges this last year, Claire does not let it affect her work and that of being a great role model for others to aspire to be. She provides the highest quality of care to her patients and strives to improve services and practices to reflect this. Claire is a valued member of the team and inspires both colleagues and students to achieve their potential.

Clare is an exceptional nurse! She is always seeking new opportunities to learn and develop her skills. She is never shy to speak up and always advocates for her patients. She is extremely supportive and will always offer her help and advice in challenging situations. Her work within CAU developing wellbeing resources has also been wonderful!

Claire is always fun to work with, she is extremely knowledgeable and professional and is a great role model for the students and fellow members of the nursing team. Claire has recently achieved a band 6 role within the CAU team and fully deserves her role. Claire goes above and beyond to help others and I enjoy working with her.

Always cheerful, completely committed and ruthlessly efficient. CAU would not be the same without her. Claire has been very supportive since I’ve started at Derriford. She has a wide range of knowledge and experience which she has gone out of her way to teach me. Claire is a great team player by supporting each and everyone of her colleagues. Her interaction with children and their families is excellent. It is a pleasure to work alongside Claire.”

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