Dawn Poulton

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

“Dawn is an inspiration to other nurses and is an amazingly knowledgeable nurse who always advocates for patients and other staff members. She supports all the other nurses and medical staff. During the COVID-19 period she stepped up to lead the COVID PAEDS area and always approached it with a positive attitude.

Dawn is a senior nurse within the SSPAU at Torbay and truly excels in this role. I have worked with Dawn for many years and I can honestly say she is an amazing nurse and role model for all members of the team. She always, I mean absolutely always, demonstrates unwavering professionalism within any situation. She is always an advocate for patients and is passionate about delivering safe, effective care to children and their families.

She is the absolute epitaph of leading by example and is always incredibly supportive to all members of the team. She readily offers teaching and education opportunities for both junior members of the nursing and medical team. She is an absolute credit to SSPAU and Louisa Cary ward.”

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