Sarah Tickle

Nominated for Non-Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

“Works tirelessly on the thankless task of rota co-coordinating, always accessible and tries to be accommodating as she can. I do not know what we would do without Sarah who literally runs the show in Exeter. Always working hard to find a way to say YES to leave and also keep the wards safely staffed.

Sarah makes her job look so much easier. I have never been more satisfied with my rota than here at RD&E, and it’s mostly due to her. She is compassionate, accommodates most (almost all) requests even at short notice! Makes people happy!

Sarah does an amazing job at the rota and is always there to support the trainees. It’s no an easy job and she always does it with a smile and is happy to help us with our many questions and worries! She often checks in by email and has carried on being hugely contactable through working from home during Covid, frankly going above and beyond and seemingly working lots of extra hours to get things sorted for us all!

Sarah is the most dedicated, most patient and most organised person that I know. She is amazingly conscientious, focusses on making sire trainees get the best out of the rota – often putting herself out to make sure that the rotas are written and published on time. Also goes the extra mile (and more) to help trainees to access study leave and annual leave, thank you Sarah.

Amazing Rota coordinator, Sarah is always willing to help with any rota problems. Tries her hardest to get you annual leave you would like. Always knows where to point you in the right direction is she doesn’t know the answer (which is very rare!).

Sarah has overseen all things rota related and has been approachable and accommodating at all levels. She will bend over backwards to find solutions to rota problems and particularly in the current pandemic has readjusted the rotas repeatedly in order to accommodate requests from management to change the staffing structure. She has had to work from home during COVID times but has still managed to keep excellent relationships with both the junior and senior staff.

Wow! Sarah you are fantastic! Thank you so much for your hard work juggling the rota at Exeter, it is a thankless task and you do an amazing job to balance the priorities of both the doctors and the needs of the service. It has made such a difference to the working life of junior doctors.

Sarah works incredibly hard with the rota and is always cheerful and friendly. She genuinely cares about the trainees and will do her very best to try to accommodate requests efficiently. She demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of her work and works tirelessly to support the department and ensure safe cover and at the same time support doctors who are part of the rota.”

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